Quercus Assets Selection: Liquidated 90% of its photovoltaic plant investment, Marsolar Srl, to the Star One Fund of Polis Fondi Sgr

The operation, in line with the strategy of Quercus Renewable Energy Fund, aimed to release equity to take advantage of further business opportunities.

Quercus Assets Selection (Quercus), a company specializing in infrastructure investments with a focus in renewable energy, announces the 90% liquidation of the photovoltaic plant  ‘Marsolar Srl’ to Polis Fondi Sgr (Polis) for a value of € 6.570.000. The 7.8MW photovoltaic plant situated in Borgo Faiti (Latina, Italy) is sold by Quercus Renewable Energy (QRE), the first compartment of the Luxembourg Quercus SICAV-SIF approved by the CSSF. The compartment, launched in 2010, is dedicated to the selection of the best investment opportunities within the Italian photovoltaic energy sector. The plant, connected in August 2011, has produced more energy than forecasted in the original business plan (circa +6.5% MWh in 2012), providing a significant contribution to the positive results obtained by QRE fund. It is estimated that in 2012, Marsolar had met the electricity needs of circa 4,000 inhabitants while saving over 10,000 tons of CO2. The sale is in line with the strategy of the Fund.

Simone Borla, Managing Partner of Quercus: “This operation is proof of our capabilities to create value despite this difficult financial market period. It proves the solidity of this type of investment and is the reason why institutional investors are increasing their attention in the renewable energy investment sector. These assets offer a positive cash flow and typically, a lower risk than the sovereign of the countries where the plants are located. This peculiarity makes these assets more profitable than government securities and therefore an important resource for pension funds, insurance companies and endowments’ portfolio asset allocation.”